epa08466338 Romanian shoemaker Grigore Lup poses while wearing a pair of men's social-distancing shoes he invented during the Coronavirus pandemic, at his workshop, in Cluj Napoca city, 500 kms north-west of  Bucharest, Romania, 04 June 2020 (issued 05 June 2020). Lup, 55, invented the social distancing shoes in a bid to save his small business in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. The shoemaker is manufacturing by hand each pair of social distancing shoes, measuring 75 centimeters, using the best natural leather, hand tools plus his 39 years professional experience. After receiving attention from the local media, he began to receive orders from around the world. Most of his customers are confessing that they want to wear his creations on the street or at special occasions. The master shoemaker, who managed to survive the global financial crisis of 2008 by moving from normal shoes to the production of footwear for dance companies and theaters, turned the disadvantage of the Covid-19 pandemic in his favor, producing social distance shoes for both men and women. He is selling a pair of his special shoes for about 100 euros.  EPA/Alexandru Pop To go with the story: 'Number 75 shoes to enforce social distance' by Marcel Gascon/EFE

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