Undated handout image of a Switchblade drone. The United States is reportedly sending "kamikaze" drones to Ukraine, as part of a new $ 800 billion (€ 722 billion) weapons package to help the country fight off Russia’s invasion. The package will include 100 "tactical" unmanned drones, which US officials speaking on condition of anonymity say are Switchblades - small “suicide” drones that explode on impact. The Switchblade is basically a single-use drone that’s small enough to fit in a backpack, cruises at around 100 km/h and carries cameras, guidance systems and explosives to dive-bomb into its target. Unlike most weapons, the Switchblade can also disengage or abort a mission at any time, and then recommit to another target depending on what the operator commands. This aims to ensure that strikes are precise and can be called off at the very last minute if they endanger civilians or properties nearby. Photo courtesy of AeroVironment, Inc via ABACAPRESS.COM