epa09284846 Symbolic bitcoin tokens on the display window of a cryptocurrencies exchange in Istanbul, Turkey, 10 June 2021 (Issued 19 June 2021). Cryptocurrencies trade is too prevalent among young people in Turkey. According to data,  there are estimated 5 million active cryptocurrency traders in Turkey. This popularity has also spawned some fraud cases. Owner of Thodex market which have had about 400,000 users of a Turkish crypto exchange, left the country, with users' millions of dollars. However, with the constant depreciation of the Turkish lira, the cryptocurrency market is still very attractive for Turks. Sadik Sahin, owner of a cybercafe in Ankara, had to close his business in March 2020 due to coronavirus restrictions and now uses his computers for mining bitcoins, a cryptocurrency which is very popular in Turkey as an alternative to gold or foreign currencies to protect savings against the strong inflation of the Turkish lira.  EPA/ERDEM SAHIN