The casts resurrect two bodies, master and slave: they are the almost intact bodies of two men, a forty-year-old wrapped in a warm wool cloak and his young slave already bent by the fatigues of life, the new exciting revelation of Pompeii, the fruit of an excavation that went on even in these hardest weeks of the pandemic and that ANSA Agency is able to document EXCLUSIVELY, Pompeii, 21 November 2020. "A truly exceptional discovery - underlines enthusiastic director Massimo Osanna, who has also headed the general management since September 2020 of public museums - because for the first time after more than 150 years from the first use of the technique it was possible not only to create perfectly successful casts of the victims, but also to investigate and document with new technologies the things they had with them in the moment in which they were hit and killed by the boiling vapors of the eruption ". ANSA / LUCA SPINA / ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF POMPEII