A visitor wearing face mask take a pictures in front of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece  " Mona Lisa " also known as " La Gioconda "  held in the Salle des  Etats, at the Louvre Museum in Paris on July 6, 2020, on the museum' s reopening day. - The Louvre museum will reopen its doors on July 6, 2020, after months of closure due to lockdown measures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the novel coronavirus. The coronavirus crisis has already caused "more than 40 million euros in losses" at the Louvre, announced its president and director Jean-Luc Martinez, who advocates a revival through "cultural democratization" and is preparing a "transformation plan" for the upcoming Olympic Games in 2024. (Photo by FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP) (Photo by FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP via Getty Images)