Story from Jam Press (Pokemon Cards)

Pictured: The Japanese version of the “Neo Discovery Set” of Pokémon cards.

Box of rare Pokémon cards sells for £10,400.

A box of rare Pokémon cards has sold for £10,400.

The collection was released in 2000.

It is the Japanese version of the “Neo Discovery Set” – which was first released in the UK.

The box has never been opened and it is still sealed.

It contains 60 packs of trading cards from the popular Japanese series.

Although it was only estimated to rake in £5,000 at auction, it was sold for more than double that.

As it is unopened, there is a possibility it has expensive and rare cards inside – explaining the extortionate price tag.

The “Crossing the Ruins Japanese Sealed Booster Box” is still in ‘excellent condition.’

It was sold at auction by Ewbanks, in Woking, Surrey alongside other pricey Pokémon cards.

Another sealed booster box sold for £6,240 despite only expecting to make £3,500.

The ‘Team Rocket Unlimited Booster box’ contained just 36 packs of trading cards.

However, it has minor damage including dents and a tear in the seal.

A single trading card sold for a shocking £2,470.

It features a picture of the character Pikachu wearing a 'Charizard' poncho.

The card was a Japanese exclusive and released in 2016.

A Charizard “topper card” also sold for £1,235.

The rare card is in near mint condition and comes in a set of 12.

A Pokémon CD sold for a staggering £1,040.

The sealed promo CD was released in 1998 and comes with a pack of cards.

Pokémon trading cards became popular amongst 90s school kids following the success of the video game series.

More than 52.9 billion cards have been sold worldwide.