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In 1590, Diana is transfixed by trying to deduce what the Book of Life is trying to tell her, but it appears to be inert after it was damaged by Edward Kelley. Matthew worries that the Book of Life is making Diana ill. Back in the present, Marcus isn’t ready to give up on Phoebe and makes an impassioned plea that she believe him about being a vampire. Phoebe comes to accept the truth of creatures and commits herself to her relationship with Marcus, who is still reeling that he is a carrier of blood rage and it was kept from him by the people he trusted most. He is spurred to action, however, when Baldwin reveals to Gerbert that the daemons Nathaniel and Sophie have given birth to a witch baby, in order to draw attention away from the secret of blood rage inside the de Clermont family. Tipped off, Knox threatens Sophie and Nathaniel’s baby, prompting Marcus to relocate the family to Sept- Tours for their own protection. Em and Sarah come to an agreement about her higher magic – Sarah pledges that if Em is so desperate to try, then she will stand with her. A stunned Sarah is by Em’s side as she succeeds in summoning the spirit of Diana’s mother Rebecca, Sarah’s sister.