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In present day Oxford, there is another vicious vampire murder. Marcus tracks down the only tangible evidence of Matthew and Diana’s journey to 1590: miniature Elizabethan portraits of the pair. Though his attempts to buy them outright are unsuccessful, he is totally charmed by auction house employee Phoebe Taylor. There is an immediate spark between them and he asks her out. At Sept-Tours, Ysabeau tells Sarah and Em that the miniatures signal that Matthew and Diana arrived in 1590 safely. Gerbert and Knox scheme together to further their search for the Book of Life, and Sophie goes into labour. A worried Sarah asks Em to not do any more higher magic, it’s far too dangerous. Phoebe and Marcus’s date is interrupted by Domenico, who is sniffing around the de Clermonts to find he perpetrator of the vampire murders in Oxford. Marcus and Phoebe nevertheless end up spending the night together. On the outskirts of Sept-Tours, Gerbert confronts Ysabeau about harbouring witches. Em secretly continues to try summoning Rebecca. At Marcus’s flat, Phoebe finds evidence of Marcus’s immortality. He confesses that he is a vampire, but she doesn’t believe him and breaks off their romance. The next day, Baldwin comes to see a dejected Marcus to suggest he takes over as Grand Master of the Knights of Lazarus, since Marcus is failing to make the most of the role. Going to see Ysabeau for advice, Marcus is told that he is a carrier of blood rage – the violent affliction Matthew passed down to him.