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Pictured: Outside the old combine harvester turned into a quirky holiday home.

Farmer spends £20,000 transforming old combine harvester into quirky holiday home

A farmer has spent £20,000 transforming his old combine harvester into a quirky holiday home.

Will Roughton purchased the Massey Ferguson 860 for £5,000.

It was previously used to harvest 20 tonnes of wheat per hour on a family farm.

But the savvy 46-year-old decided he could make better use of it.

Will spent four months converting the farming machinery into a cosy BnB on his campsite.

The first task was taking out all the working parts of the combine - he called Kaleb.

Will, of Friskney, near Skegness, Lincolnshire says he had to hollow out the machine so he had an “empty shell” to work with.

But he had to leave the engine in so he could drive it into a spot on his campsite.

Once it was empty, Will began to add insulation, under-floor heating and wiring to transform it into a liveable space.

Will also converted a grain trailer which sits underneath Kaleb’s spout.

He then added in furniture such as a king-sized bed, kitchen counter, a staircase and fridge.

The farmer wanted to keep the decor agricultural theme.

He crafted shelves and even a dog bed for four-legged guests from the farm’s vintage chitting trays -used to seed potatoes.

The windows were made from up-cycled grain-hatch lids.

Will says the upgrade was hard work and he ran into a few issues with the weather.

But after months of hard work, the transformation was a success.

The property sleeps up to four guests.

There is also a communal facilities block, with toilets and hot showers, close by.

It costs £120 per night to stay in.

It is situated on Will’s campsite – which is an old RAF base.

RAF Wainfleet went out of use in 2010.

The Lincolnshire site was purchased from the Ministry of Defence by the farmer who owned the access road.

There are other bizarre accommodations available to rent on site including a WW2 tank, ambulance and RAF watchtower.

The RAF tower was once used to observe the bombing range on the training ground.

Will says the cost of the combined harvester and the renovations set him back a total of £20,000.

Will told What's The Jam: “I’m absolutely not experienced in this kind of thing.

”I looked at it from the outside and thought you could fit a bed in there.

”So I stripped it from the inside out.

”Once it was hollowed out, I could look at it as a house and fit it with insulation and wiring.”

He added: “We have a mixed bag of guests.

”We have had a lot of couples coming and staying as well as families.

”I did this for kids - they got so excited seeing me in a tractor.

”It’s a picturesque location just seven miles from Skegness.

”We’re near the beach, lakes where people can paddleboard.

”It’s a very peaceful location.”


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